International Federation for Psychotherapy


The IFP is a worldwide, interprofessional, interdisciplinary and intercultural umbrella organisation for psychotherapy.



Historically, the IFP evolved from the International General Medical Society for Psychotherapy (IGMSP) which was founded in 1934 by the delegates of different national societies (Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland.) Its first president was Carl Gustav Jung. It was re-established as the International Federation for Medical Psychotherapy (IFMP) by delegates of 13 nations in 1958, with Medard Boss as its first President. The original objective of the federation was to promote psychotherapy within the field of medicine.

However, in the meantime psychotherapy has come to include a wide field of professions both in scientific research and in clinical practice. Accordingly, the the IFP extended ist objectives. In 1991, the federation was renamed International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP).


Mission Statement

  1. The IFP is a worldwide umbrella organisation for psychotherapy. The Federation is open to professional societies, institutions and individual members.
  2. The IFP aims to promote, endorse and maintain high professional and ethical standards of psychotherapy in practice, research, and training.
  3. The IFP fosters a worldwide intercultural, interdisciplinary dialogue and mutual learning among psychotherapists, psychotherapy researchers, psychotherapeutic orientations, traditions, and related sciences.
  4. The IFP provides a platform for the development of theories, methods and treatment approaches, and promotes the integration of psychotherapeutic thinking in clinical and non-clinical fields.

    The IFP realizes its aims by means of

  • World congresses (every four years)
  • Regional congresses
  • Supporting and co-chairing the organization of scientific congresses of their members and/or national umbrella organisations (and under certain conditions supporting them also logistically and financially)
  • Supporting scientific activities in research, practice, and training, particularly activities of intercultural relevance
  • Information transfer by constantly updated homepage and newsletters


IFP international federation for psychotherapy

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